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Border Terrier Welfare UK

I have now been working with the Border Terrier Welfare UK for a few years where they showcase my border terrier cards and I donate 20% of all border card sales to their charity. It all started when I began designing cards based around my own two, Oscar and Alfie. The range has grown with new designs being added all the time and I plan to sell more merchandise with them on too. Please take a look in the shop area for all items for sale.

Oscar Happy Birthday.jpg
oscar with broken teddy.jpg
Christmas Kisses.jpg
'Bored' of waiting.jpg
The Three Wise Borders.jpg
Santa Stop.jpg
Spot the Border.jpg
Borders Crackers.jpg
New border Alf.jpg
Oscar with mistletoe and reindeer ears.jpg
Jingle Bells.jpg
Santas little helpers.jpg
Christmas Jumper.jpg
All Aboard.jpg
Pudding a little terrier into Christmas.jpg
Christmas Pud.jpg
'Christmas Roasting'.jpg
Oscar with mistletoe and bell hat.jpg
Leggy Peggy.jpg
Christmas Osc.jpg
Alfie with reindeer ears and chunky knit.jpg
Alfie's Bonio.jpg
Elsie Mae in her festive wellies.jpg
Border Terrier Welfare UK: Welcome
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